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"This book is worth a course of therapy! It is for anyone who has ever been weighed down by the delusion that sheer will and control could deliver a desired outcome. Through compelling case histories, Mr. Miller presents universal examples of the costs of this kind of disordered thinking, and step by step, shows us the way out. “Losing Control, Finding Serenity” is the missing link to uncovering the true wisdom of the Serenity Prayer.."

Barbara LaSalle, MFT
Author of Finding Ben

“Miller’s insight into letting go allows people to become truly who God intends them to be and therefore more fully human.”

Rev.Cannon Normans S. Hull

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Danny Speaks About Control

“Shortly after meeting Danny and reading his book, I was convinced he would be an excellent keynote presenter at our Family Day Intensive workshops. This important day brings our residential, day and outpatient clients together with family and friends to learn new ways of living in their health and sobriety. Danny walks like he talks, and in his key note address at our workshop, his topic was right on target for those attending: “Decontrol Tools for Healing Relationships.”

“His presentation resonated strongly not only with our clients and their family members; it also was very useful to our clinical staff. He uses real life stories which clearly demonstrate how the need to be in control negatively rules and impacts our lives, as well as the lives and happiness of others. He has formulated tools and techniques that help people release control not only in family and love relationships, but also in all aspects of their lives.”
“Danny is down to earth and speaks from the heart. We can all benefit from the psychological insights and spiritual wisdom he graciously shares. I highly recommend him for presentations at treatment programs and educational symposiums.”
George E. Patterson, Ph. D. 
Clinical Director,The Gooden Center
“Your topic, “Letting Go of Control in the Workplace,” was so relevant to what we do daily in this office. One of my agents came to me complaining about how another agent had been. My response was, “What did Danny say yesterday????” You are already helping us. Rave reviews all around.”
Elizabeth Shapiro, Manager,
Nourmand and Associates, Beverly Hills

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Danny is an inspiring and thought-provoking speaker who is committed to helping people improve their lives emotionally, spiritually, creatively and financially by teaching them how to let go of unhealthy forms of control. He personally gets involved with event organizers so that he can tailor his presentations to the specific interests of the audience. Below are descriptions of some of his speeches.

“Decontrolling Your Life: Discover the True Powers that Bring You Freedom and Contentment”

What would your life be like if you let go of control and let events unfold without resisting? Accepted people and things for how they are instead of trying to change them? Stopped telling your family and loved ones what’s best for them? Danny answers these and other probing questions as he shares the overlooked keys to providing freedom and contentment. He explains proven decontrol tools and strategies developed over 25 years that help people let go of control and thereby heal damaged relationships, foster lasting love and intimacy with their love ones, strengthen bonds with their children, expand their creative horizons, reduce stress and anxiety, and overcome financial and other hardships.
“Advancing Personal Recovery by Letting go of Control”

Danny explores the vital synergy between personal recovery and letting go of control as he reveals “the missing link to uncovering the true wisdom of The Serenity Prayer.” (Barbara A. LaSalle, MFT and author of Finding Ben). 12 Step and other recovery concepts and principles are illustrated within the context of enlightening true stories that demonstrate how people can heal relationships, reduce stress and anxiety, overcome their fears and resentments, and discover the true powers they have to vastly improve their lives.
“How Letting Go of Control Reduces the Struggle with Your Children”

Danny addresses what he calls The Fundamental Parental Challenge: fulfilling our responsibilities for ensuring our children’s health and well being, fostering their moral values and ethics, and encouraging learning without obstructing their personal growth, self-reliance and life path through domineering forms of control. He shares ways to meet this challenge, including providing guidelines that enable parents to distinguish between the important role of parental guidance and unhealthy forms of parental control, including parental enabling. Danny further identifies the keys to accepting our children as they are and forging stronger bonds with them.
“Strategic Benefits of Relinquishing Control at Work”
Drawing on his vast experience as a successful businessman, Danny shares true stories demonstrating the remarkable and unexpected rewards that result when you are willing to give up control in business and at work. He explains a “holistic” way of working and doing business that enhances your clarity and vision (giving you a broader perspective of strategic issues and challenges), enables you to discover innovative solutions to complex business challenges, avoids conflict and dissension with co-workers and employers, markedly reduces stress and anxiety, averts costly diversions of time and energy—and makes you more money in less time.
If you are interested in booking Danny for a speech, please email us at and provide us with the event details and special interests.