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"This book is worth a course of therapy! It is for anyone who has ever been weighed down by the delusion that sheer will and control could deliver a desired outcome."

Barbara A. LaSalle, MFT,
author of Finding Ben


  • "Daniel A. Miller has done an amazing job in delving deeply into the crevices of how most us need to be in control. He has created a way of guiding and educating the reader, in a very understandable and logical way, to help everyone "Let Go"
  • A must read for everyone!
    In Light Times (June, 2011)

  • "Down-to-earth and honest, the book is full of psychological and spiritual insight. It is also full of real world solutions for reconnecting with the natural flow of life and with our personal truth."
  • New Age Retailer Magazine
    (May-June, 2011)

  • "Reading Miller's words really helped me to understand the many ways control plays a part in my life--and he offered some great advice on how to let go of the need for control."
  • Positively Present
    (March, 2011)

  • "Losing Control, Finding Serenity pinpoints the dangers of excessive control. It shows those of us who feel the pressure to control how to break free and reap unexpected gifts. Drawing on psychological insights, spiritual wisdom, and the real-life stories of acknowledged control freaks, the author guides us through an honest inventory of our control patterns, leading us to discover this compulsion is provoked by deep-seated fear, anxiety, and insecurity, then aggravated by anger and resentments. In a hectic, unpredictable world that's frequently beyond our control, Losing Control, Finding Serenity offers welcome encouragement and validation for going with the flow of life as it is: an ongoing, ever changing mystery."
  • The Monthly Aspectarian
    (April, 2011)